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Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Week On Paranormal Palace Radio 11/08/2009


On The Moon

Bruce Spires

Show: Tuesday 11/10/2009 8:00 PM CST

Call in number : (646)915-9605

Cygnus Celestial Research is exactly as it sounds. We are a team of
researchers dealing primarily with space. We have an exciting,
thought-provoking new book out called "Remnant on the Moon." Please check
it out by clicking here
and then buy a copy if you like. You
will not be disappointed!

remains of Alien bodies on the Moon? Gigantic machines miles in length.
Discovered in NASA's

Lunar Orbiter and Apollo photos of the Lunar

surface. Over 100 photos

the Shuttle program reaching it's final cycle, NASA had big plans to
return to the Moon. With China, India, and Japan currently racing to be
the next nation to land an astronaut on the lunar surface, NASA
developed and then began testing a new lunar surface rover which had an
extended range of over 60 miles

It seemed,
that NASA had every intention of returning to the Moon with the
ultimate goal of a permanant manned presence there. However... Obama's
"Human Spaceflight Plans Commitee" has stated that no manned landing on
the Moon by the United States can take place before the year 2020... or
perhaps even 2028, and further, mulling over the idea that a return to
the lunar surface might not be the best direction for NASA.

It seems that the powers that be, desire a... "Deep Space Option". The
deep space option is geared toward 3 specific tasks, which are, a
manned landing on a near- earth asteroid,

flight to "Lagrange points" (areas of space where the gravitational
pull of two large masses equals the centripetal force required to
rotate with them) and the "Long Shot" option which places astronauts on
Mar's moon Phobos.

One must ask... have we found and exploited everything there is to find
on our own Moon? This "urgency" for mission clarification only arose
after China succeeded in placing it's first manned crew into orbit.
Perhaps there was a bit of panic about what we may have left unexplored
up there and now having assured themselves that nothing more can be
gained, those who are "in the know" so to speak can resume steering
NASA toward an ultimate goal of a manned landing on Mars and the
exploration of the ancient artifacts which await us there, on
the surface and beneath.

Forbidden Archeology

Author Michael Cremo

Show: Wednesday 11/11/2009 8:00 PM CST

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Michael Cremo is on the cutting edge of science and culture
issues. In the course of a few month's time he might be found
on pilgrimage to sacred sites in India, appearing on a national
television show, lecturing at a mainstream science conference, or
speaking to an alternative science gathering. As he
crosses disciplinary and cultural boundaries, he presents to his
various audiences a compelling case for negotiating a new consensus on
the nature of reality.

Michael Cremo is
a member of the History of Science Society, the World Archeological
Congress, the Philosophy of Science Association, the European
Association of Archaeologists and associate member of the Bhaktivedanta Institute
specializing in history and philosophy of science.

Over the past
two centuries researchers have found bones and artifacts showing that
people like ourselves existed on earth millions of years ago. But the
scientific establishment has ignored these remarkable facts because
they contradict the dominant views of human origins and antiquity.
Cremo and Thompson challenge us to rethink our understanding of human
origins, identity, and destiny. Forbidden Archeology takes on one of
the most fundamental components of the modern scientific world view,
and invites us to take a courageous first step towards a new

The Future That Brought Her Here

Author Deborah DeNicola

Show: Thursday 11/12/2009 8:00 PM CST

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In a poetic memoir both personal and transpersonal in our fearful
post-911 era,

Deborah DeNicola, among others, has predicted the world crisis we are
now facing

will initiate the global population into a new awareness of spiritual

Against the backdrop of New England and the academic city of Boston,
she tells her

story of metaphysical experiences which first began unexpectedly as she
wrestled with a depression stemming

from her father’s breakdown and death during her adolescence.

At once an ordinary woman, a college professor and a poet steeped in
Jungian dream work, DeNicola

is tapped by a new claire-sentience that draws her into the esoteric
world. Three journeys distill her private

quest into esoteric knowledge. With references to String Theory and
quantum physics, medieval history, the

crusading Templar Knights, the Black Madonnas, The Church of Mary
Magdalen and revelations from the

Gnostic Gospels, DeNicola finds the common denominator of diverse
mystery traditions, relating how

dreams and creative process heal by expressing both individual and
archetypal truths.

In this epoch of economic disaster, when three crucial cycles are
simultaneously ending,

The Future That Brought Her Here should reach a new audience, one not
previously aligned

with “New Age” ideas. Given her credibility as an academic professor,
more practical-minded

readers will open to her surprises and speculations, as she reveals the
atrophied “Feminine Way

of Knowing,” which will awaken and aid humanity’s shift to higher
consciousness during the

inevitable changes ahead for our civilization. For anyone interested in
how to integrate intellect

and intuition, this book serves as a model.

Author Note

Deborah DeNicola is the author of five poetry collections. She edited
the anthology

Orpheus & Company; Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology. A new

collection of her poetry, Original Human, is forthcoming in 2010 from
Word Press.

Among other awards DeNicola received a Poetry Fellowship from the
National Endowment

for the Arts and her work appears in The Best of the Web Anthology
2008. Her poems

are published widely in literary journals in print and online. DeNicola
has taught at

Massachusetts College of Art and Lesley University. Currently she
teaches dream image

work and mentors off her web site:

Cracking Symbol

Author Tim Wallace Murphy


Show: Saturday 11/14/2009 1:00 PM CST

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Tim Wallace-Murphy studied medicine at the University
College Dublin. He is the author of The Mark of the Beast, written with
Trevor Ravenscroft. He is a frequent lecturer on the Knights Templar,
Rosslyn Chapel, and the Sinclairs.

Leading authority on codes in medevil art

Expanding on issues touched on in The Da Vinci Code, this
thought-provoking book explores the real story of Christianity, a story
told by men and women who were condemned by the Orthodox church, a
story long hidden in mysterious codes and symbols. In medieval times,
dissenters believed the established church ruthlessly suppressed the
truth about Jesus and his ministry. Branded as heretics and subject to
torture and execution for their beliefs, the dissenters — including the
Knights Templar, Freemasons, Cathars, and scientists — devised an
ingenious code to communicate with fellow sympathizers and preserve the
truth for future generations. The code was concealed in complex symbols
that were hidden in the art, artifacts, and architecture of the
medieval world. Cracking the Symbol Code deciphers this fascinating
underground language, revealing powerful messages that were meant as
much for today’s truth seekers as for medieval minds.

Leading authority on Rosslyn Chapel

Next to Rosslyn Chapel in
Scotland, no other place on earth holds as much esoteric symbolism as
France’s Rennes le Chateau. Its location and design are the subjects of
countless rumors, myths, and legends. Mysteries of Templar Treasure and
the Holy Grail, formerly published as The Secrets of Rennes le Chateau,
delves into the reality behind the action and adventure of The Da Vinci
Code. Rennes le Chateau has plenty of secrets: buried treasure,
unsolved murders, supernatural powers, codes on parchments and
tombstones, not to mention clues concealed in statues and paintings,
enigmatic priests who controlled immense wealth, and secret societies
that are still active today.

The authors survey the arcane history and secrets of Rennes le Chateau,
including its relationship to the Merovingian bloodline of Christ. The
Chateau is a possible location of an immense treasure, such as a
Templar, Cathar, or Priory of Sion hoard. The final resting place of a
famous artifact like the Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Longinus,
the Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus – or even the Holy Grail.

The authors also examine Rennes le Chateau’s proximity to Cathar and
Templar fortresses, its mystical layout, and its location on the same
Paris meridian as so many other esoteric mysteries.

Extensive appendices in the book offer possible solutions to secret
cryptograms, point out odd connections and commonalities between Rennes
le Chateau and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and suggest the
possibility of fourth-dimension/tesseract implications.

A Freemason himself

Tim Wallace-Murphy, a Freemason himself and an established authority
and author in this field, has written what is perhaps the clearest and
most accessible guide to Freemasonry yet. A beautifully illustrated
hardcover with full color throughout, the book covers all of the key
areas of interest in Freemasonry:

Origins and evolution: History and legend, the Solomon connection, and
the Templar connection

Inside Freemasonry: Precepts and beliefs, Blue Lodge Freemasonry,
Ma-sonic practice, rituals of the lodge, and symbols and allegories

Masonry universal: Freemasonry and society, anti-masonry, North
Ameri-can Freemasonry, and Masonry across the world

Knows the truth about The Decendants Of Jesus

A curious thing happened to Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins when
they published Rex Deus, their first book on the bloodline of Christ:
they were contacted by a man from the very lineage they were studying.
And instead of denying the existence of the bloodline or berating them
for revealing secrets, he actually confirmed that the Rex Deus lineage
exists and even disclosed some of its fundamental secrets.

The story of the Rex Deus families, direct descendents of Christ--who
is believed to have survived the crucifixion--turns out to be much more
extensive than the authors first thought. Instead of beginning during
the time of Jesus, it stretches far back into antiquity, to the
Egyptian Mystery Schools. Instead of being only a propagation of the
holy bloodline, the Rex Deus families are also carriers of the secret
teachings of Jesus.

Custodians of Truth reveals the purpose and secrets of the Rex Deus
lineage. Jesus was not only a holy man, but an adept of ancient
knowledge, which informed his own teachings. This secret knowledge was
suppressed by the Church in their voracious quest for power and
influence in the secular world. These teachings have manifested
throughout history in different forms--Gnostic philosophy around the
time of Jesus, the Order of the Knights Templar, Freemasons, and the
current resurgence of interest in New Age thought. Finally, the time is
right for the hidden message of Jesus to be revealed--a message of
tolerance, brotherhood, and respect for nature.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

White as Bone Red as Blood

Number: (646)

9/14/2009 8:00 PM

Cerridwen Fallingstar was born in 1952
in Southern California. Her parents were agnostic; her father worked
for Aerospace designing sattelites and other space exploration
vehicles. Her mother was a librarian. Cerridwen is a shamanic Witch and
Priestess who has taught classes in magic, ritual and metaphysics for
thirty years. She gives lectures tying together psychology,
spirituality, history, contemporary issues and politics in an
entertaining, enlightening and humorous format. She has founded three
covens, and an organization called EarthRite which offered public
rituals to her Northern California community for a dozen years. She
worked closely with Starhawk during the early years of Reclaiming, a
ritual and teaching organization based in San Francisco.

Circle of Dogs: The New Paladin

Number: (646)

9/15/2009 8:00 PM

Mankind has their mythology
wrong. A full moon is the werewolf's

weakness, not its power.
Josh must rescue his sister from werewolves, but

finds himself thrust into a
world far more dangerous and enchanted than myth


Circle of Dogs: The New

Fairchild was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. He moved to Utah when he was
young and has enjoyed writing ever since before he could even read.

Stargates Ancient Science For Modern Times?

Number: (646)

9/16/2009 8:00 PM

About William Henry

looked under chairs. I’ve looked under tables. I’ve
tried to find the key to fifty million fables. They call me the Seeker. I’ve been searching low and high.”

the Who song says, I’m a Seeker. I’ve been
searching low and high to find the answers we all have a thirst to
discover. Who are we? Where did we come from? What are we doing here?
(How do we leave?) Where do we go from here? How do we get

Henry is an investigative mythologist, author, radio talk show host,
seeker and teacher. In 2007 he is celebrating his 10th anniversary as a
self-published author of 14 books and numerous DVD presentations.



August 15th, 2009. A British writer has staked claim to finally finding
the lost underworld of the pharaohs which has been rumoured to exist
since the construction of the Great Pyramid nearly 5,000 years ago,
creating a stir that is set to rock the Egyptological world.

only with the forgotten memoirs of a nineteenth century British
explorer, history and science writer Andrew Collins, working alongside
Egyptological researcher Nigel Skinner Simpson, tracked down the
entrance to this forgotten cave system and were the first to
explore it in modern times.

Friday, September 11, 2009